Nice Lipo Machine

The nice lipo is a fat reduction device which targets fat by the process of Cryolipolysis. This non invasive method is a new phenomena which many clients are interested in as opposed to having to undergo a surgical operation to remove fat. This treatment is more favourable for the fact that general anaesthesia is not necessary and a similar affect can be achieved without undergoing pain and downtime.
This device will prove very successful to increases profit for any business, whether starting up as a new business or introducing a new treatment into a large salon or a small boutique salon.

    • On an average working week this device can treat up to 40 clients
    • The duo sculpt technology can treat 2 areas simultaneously so you can save time whilst taking a larger payment
    • LED light technology enhances the treatment environment by creating a lovely ambience
    • New business start-up help will be provided to those clients who do not currently have a running business
    • You can work as a lone therapist which will allow you work your own hours and be your own boss
    • After sales support and technical support will be provided post training
    • Exclusive Harley Street certified training for 1 technician

Portable Cryolipolysis Machine SL-2 (1)

Fat Freeze Membranes

£3.50 each
New Latest 2019 Formula Guranteeed  for  Freezing upto -15c with no reports of Burns unlike many others on the market formualted in Italy.

for larger orders please contact us


Nice Lipo Training Academy

Nice Lipo provides non-invasive lipo training for cosmetic and beauty technicians, through our revolutionary Nice Lipo technology. An average priced treatment can be charged up to £300 per session, and you will find that by carrying out between 18-22 sessions you will have recuperated your investment. Substantial profit can be made by carrying out this treatment on a regular basis. Please find average costs per treatment table below.
Along with the purchase of your Nice Lipo equipment, you will also receive training with your new machine. This all-inclusive cryo lipo training covers the following course content:

    • The scientific theory for fat reduction using Nice Lipo technology will be explained
    • The different body forms and how to assess for treatment and who will be a suitable client
    • Structure of the adipose tissue
    • How fat deposits and genetics affects the skins appearance
    • Other methods of fat removal
    • Fat and negative effects on health
    • Alternative fat reduction procedures
    • Cooling technology and the process of Apoptosis
    • Health and Safety precautions
    • Meeting client expectations
    • Contra-indications prior to treatment
    • Client consultation
    • How to use the medical information forms
    • Post treatment client care



Area Average price (Per treatment)
Arms £250
Breast £250
Waistline £250
Stomach £250
Hips £250
Outer thighs £250
Inner thighs £250

The training provided by The Nice Lipo training academy is of the highest quality and is always provided by an experienced technicians and trainers.
You will receive a formal certificate of competence to provide as evidence of your qualifications relating to the provision of treatments using Nice Lipo.
We are here to help you build a successful business, our efficient team will help you kick start your business & introduce Nice Lipo into your current practice or help to build your new business.
If you would like to book a Nice Lipo training course or purchase a machine, please contact The Harley Laser Specialists team on 0207-307-8770 or simply complete our online contact form.