Each client will receive a personal consultation to establish your lifestyle, aims and body sculpting requirements.

1 Area 2 Areas
Abdomen £400.00 (Upper Or Lower) £600.00 (Full)
Flanks (Love Handles) £600.00
Legs £600.00
Buttocks £600.00
Chest £600.00
Arms £600.00

How many sessions will I need?

The number of treatments will be established at your private consultation. Clients should be no more than 2 stone off their ideal target weight. Clients will need to wait two weeks before repeating the treatment on the same area. However different body areas can be treated in the same session.

What should I do after treatment?

To achieve the best results it is recommended to increase water intake to flush out the crystallised lipids in the fat cells. Complete 1 hours exercise a week. Lymphatic massage is a great way to help drain the lymphatic system to naturally eliminate the fat cells.

How much fat can be destroyed in one session?

On average 33% of fat can be permanently destroyed in a single treatment.

Are there any side effects?

All sensations are temporary and can include: soreness, bruising/pinpoint bleeding, bloating, dizzy sensations and nausea, tingling as the skin returns to normal. In the extremely rare event that an adverse reaction or cold related injury like a painful blister occurs please seek medical attention from a doctor who specialises in the treatment of burns. Lipocryo is not suitable for areas with recent operation scars, including caesarian scars, these areas must be left for 12 months before they can be treated. The treatment is not suitable for pregnant women. Clients should avoid drinking coffee for 2 hours before treatment to the stomach area as this can cause nausea. Do not use sunbeds or expose the treated area to the sun for 24 hours after your session.