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Our Nice Lipo Fat Freezing Treatments are for men, women and for those looking for non-invasive procedures.

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Cryogenic Lipolysis also known as Freeze Lipo or Cryo Lipo is the latest scientifically proven, body sculpting treatment. With no sedation, no recovery downtime and a painless, quick treatment time this really is lipo in your lunch break. Suitable for people no more than 2 stone over their target weight. You can calculate your Body Mass Index here: NHS BMI Calculator. With clinically proven results, freeze lipo is an affordable, non invasive alternative to lipo suction to increase your body confidence.

Our Fat Treatment Process

How it Works

During your procedure we use a powerful non invasive suction to freeze the fat cells in stubborn areas. Eliminating up to 33% of fatty tissue in one session. The fat cells waste away naturally to leave a more sculpted silhouette. Lipocryo painlessly attacks the subcutaneous fat layer without any risk to tissue, nerves or muscle.

After Your Treatment

You can carry on with your normal day to day activities after your treatment. It is normal for the treated area to experience a stiffness, reddening and swelling immediately after the procedure. The vacuum can cause bruising and sensitivity. These effects usually dissipate relatively swiftly.

The Results

Depending on each individual’s metabolism it can take up to three months to realise the full benefits of the treatment, although some clients who drink plenty of water immediately after treatment and take part in any exercise that causes them to perspire can see a very noticeable change within two weeks to a few days.

How to Get Started?

After a free private consultation to discover your personal treatment plan your procedure will take between 30 minutes to one hour. During which time you will be able to comfortably relax and read or listen to music. Once complete we can discuss an after care programme to take you forward to body confidence for the future.

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