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Nice Lift  Breast Enhancement London

Nice Lift provides non-invasive breast enhancements that increases your breast size by up to two cup sizes so you can regain the confidence and body shape you long for. What’s more, Nice Lift does so without the need for surgery.

As a leading specialist based in Harley Street, London, our breast enhancement clinic provides a comfortable, safe and friendly environment with care and treatment backed up by the highest quality of research.

Our treatments are carried out using one of the UK’s most innovative procedures: Vacuum Suction, MicroCurrent Therapy and Low Level Light which, when combined, delivers outstanding and immediate results. You can now easily firm and lift breasts that sag as a result of age, childbearing, weight loss or normal muscle deterioration resulting from the pull of gravity or impactful exercise. The three-part treatment can be also used to give buttocks a naturally fuller and firmer look and lift.

What’s so innovative about this procedure?

Breast lifts, breast augmentation and breast enhancements are one and the same, but most women desiring to improve the look and feel of their breasts have in the past had to choose between surgical implants and creams. If you’re averse to the idea of knives and needles and find creams either unreliable or too slow to work, then Nice Lift breast enhancement at our London Harley Street clinic offers a great and effective alternative.

With Nice Lift, you can achieve the dream of fuller breasts and firmer buttocks, and what’s great about the procedure is that it works quickly to deliver the results you want to see. You will notice the plump and fuller curves of your breasts or buttocks right away.

Nice Lift is the perfect solution for you whether you’ve lost a bit of shape and size during the course of childbearing or simply never been naturally endowed with the size you’d like. At our London Harley Street Laser clinic our aim is to help women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities to feel good about the way their bodies look and feel by providing the least invasive option to breast enhancement.

The science – how does it work?

Your breasts are supported by the pectoral muscles, located at the top of the chest. The role of these muscles is to shape and keep your breasts in place. The upper section is responsible for pulling the breasts upward. It also plays the role of shaping the clavicle areas – that’s the area between the breasts, and the space between the armpits and the breast.

It is the mid and lower section of the pectoral muscle, the part that sits between where your breast starts and your chest begins, that defines the shape of your breasts. When looking at your cleavage, what you’re really looking at is the mid and lower section of the pectoral muscles doing their job.

When these muscles are strong they do a good job of preventing your breasts from falling into your armpits or merging with your chest wall. However, with childbearing, impactful exercising and age, the tissues in the pectoral muscles gradually become weak, stretched and torn. Once this occurs the breasts lose their youthful shape and feel.

Nice Lift breast enhancements work to help correct the ill effects of this process by improving the flow of blood circulation in the breasts.

Each part works by:

1. Stimulating the pectoral muscles by using the Vacuum Cup Suction to exercise them. Circulation in the lymph glands improve, skin is lifted and any fatty deposits are smoothed and softened away.

2. Rousing the breast muscles using Micro Current Therapy. The muscles then become toned and firmer, making the breasts look and feel larger. You will also notice the improved look and feel in the tightness in the skin.

3. Rejuvenating the skin using gentle light therapy. This rebuilds essential collagen and elasticity in the skin fibres. As a result, the visible presence of stretch marks, cellulite and age spots on the skin are reduced and you’re left with glowing, firmer and lifted breasts.

We understand

We understand that lots of women feel unhappy with the way their breasts look and feel, after all, a woman’s bust size, although personal, also has a social element to it – whether you are out enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner or sunbathing on the beach. We understand how sensitive an issue it can be when that special outfit just doesn’t fit the way you want. At our Harley Street breast enhancement clinic, we work to ensure you feel welcomed, listened to and pleased with the results.


How does treatment work?

Nice Lift treats your breasts with a special formula called Micro Current Therapy that naturally tones the breast muscles to give you a natural looking lift and firmness.

Treatment is simple, easy and quick, taking just half an hour to visibly improve your size. Breasts are treated using a three-part procedure involving Vacuum Suction, MicroCurrent Therapy and Low Level Light.

The first stage involves the application of Microcurrent to tone the muscles. Next, a special vacuum cup is placed over each breast. The vacuum suction effect on the breast opens up the capillaries and this makes it easier for blood to flow around the breast tissue, which enhances the size of the breast.

You will be able to see results immediately. There is no need for needles, scalpels or anaesthetics, and it’s a perfect alternative to using creams, exercise or surgical implants to enhance or lift your breasts. Best of all, your breasts typically increase by up to two cup sizes.

A typical treatment session lasts for around 45 minutes and most women need no more than the recommended course of six to 10 sessions. So as to ensure the best results, the sessions are delivered weekly thereby maximising the longevity of your new look.

Although your breasts will look and feel firmer after just a single session, women are advised to complete their course of treatment for lasting results.

What about aftercare?

It is normal to experience mild redness around the area that has been treated, particularly where the cups have been in place. This results from the cup’s impression on the skin and will quickly fade within around 30 minutes after treatment is over.

Does it hurt?

Most clients describe the sensation from the treatment as mildly uncomfortable rather than painful. Once again, the discomfort normally fades within 5 to 10 minutes after treatment is completed.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect is the redness on the skin surface that results from the increased blood circulation and cup impression – but it’s nothing more than you’ll typically experience after removing a band aid or waxing your eyebrows.

Is it safe?

Nice Lift breast therapy is safe and doesn’t harm the dermis. It uses your own muscles, blood vessels and tissues to build naturally larger breasts.

How long does a session last?

Allow at least 30 to 40 minutes for each session.

Can anyone have treatment?

Treatment is suitable for women of any age and size, even if you’ve had children and have breastfed. The stretching of breast tissue resulting from childbearing or weight loss will in no way impair the benefits.

How many sessions will I need?

You will have six to 10 treatments at 4 to 7-day intervals, as this maximises the results. Each woman is different so the exact frequency that’s right for you will be discussed with you during your consultation. A personal treatment schedule will be then created for you.

Are the results permanent?

No, but for maximum results we recommend that you complete and maintain your new plumper, fuller breasts by completing all sessions. The more you have the longer-lasting the results.

Why Nice Lift?

Your Nice Lift breast enhancement will be carried out at our leading London Harley Street Laser clinic. We have years of experience in delivering very high quality laser treatments that are backed up by attention-to-detail care and the latest research in technology.

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